WWKD stands for “What Would Katharine Do.” It is a statement, rather than a question because anyone whose life was touched by Kath doesn’t even have to ask. They know what she would do. She would be a positive influence on anyone she knew and met; she would take up a cause and advocate for what is right; she would be silly and salty and thoughtful and tenacious. She would inspire US, still, even from the great beyond. It is in keeping with all that Katharine was and would be today, that we offer the opportunity that is the WWKD Scholarship Foundation to any graduating senior at GCIT and TSDC.

Applicants must show how extracurricular activity involvement has shaped who they are today; they must describe an event in which they helped someone through a difficult or challenging situation; they must describe how they will be the change the world needs; and they must explain why living healthfully and having an adventurous spirit are important.
Awarding two scholarships per year is just a start for us. Our vision for what we know this Foundation can be can only grow because we are inspired and motivated by Katharine and what we know she would do. On behalf of the entire WWKD Board of Directors, I thank you for your support.

Welcome to the WWKD family!

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